who is he?
what does he do?
why tom silburn?
where can i find him?
well, how much?
so what do i do now?

Why Close-Up Magic?

Close-up Magic is the perfect partner to any type of party or special event.  Firstly Tom doesn’t require any kind of stage, special lighting, PA system or even any kind of introduction.  Working out of his own pockets Tom is able to take the magic out to your guests.

Mixing and mingling freely with your guests Tom will create intimate, individual high-impact magic shows as he goes. Because Close-Up Magic is performed for small groups of people everybody gets a front row seat and a clear view of the action.  In fact your guests become part of the show.  Remember this magic often happens in their hands with objects borrowed from them.

Tom’s magic is the perfect ice-breaker that gets people mingling, participating and gives them something to talk about long after the tricks are over...

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